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Grooming Services

Looking Good. Feeling Good.

The Canine Center provides expert all breed dog grooming to the St. Louis Area. Our grooming operation has been in operation since 1990 and includes several stylists who have over 20 years of experience. To appease our clients and all those driving down Manchester, we groom in the front window not behind closed doors. Our facility is state of the art and includes a slip proof ceramic floor, motorized tables and stainless steel tubs. Your pet is kept comfortable and safe in a large stainless steel veterinarian quality crate.

Upon arrival, you are always greeted by a stylist who will discuss with you the special cut or treatment you would like for your dog. Your pet is then bathed, dried, brushed and clipped to your specifications. Nails are cut, ears are cleaned and hair in the foot pads is removed. Drop off your dog, take some well-deserved time to yourself and when we’re finished giving your dog the spa treatment, we’ll give you a call.

Options include medicated baths, flea baths, defoliating bath, medicated rinses, mat removal, and teeth brushing.

When you want your dog to look and feel his or best, give us a call and make an appointment.


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